Why We Are The Best At

Delivering Online Courses

Why we are the best at delivering online courses

Because we were the first to deliver online training on Linux Device Drivers in Asia back in 2009. And coming to serious online trainings on Linux Drivers we are virtually un-challenged till date. Through these years we have gained significant intelligence into how to conduct these trainings and how best to cater our online participants.

We have participants across 8 nations and participation from many corporate majors for our online courses.

Other reasons which make us the best to deliver online training are:

  • We are the only exclusive training institute for Embedded Linux, Linux Device Drivers, Kernel Programming, Android System Software, Linux BSP, Network Programming, Adv. C for system programming since 2001. Over a decade of pure and seamless experience
  • We were the first to start it all in 2001, all others just copied and followed
  • We are the only training institute with over 20 corporate clients and with over 35 corporate training programs conducted
  • Our clients include embedded and technology majors like Sasken, Broadcom, Xilinx, NCR, Cognizant, CMC and GE among others
  • Trained over 6000 participants from over 100 companies and 8 nations.
  • Only training institute in India with genuine consulting experience on Embedded Linux
  • Only institute taking advanced courses exclusively for working professionals
  • Most recommended training institute by corporate like Xilinx, NCR, Sasken, CMC, Freescale and over a 100 companies
  • Raghu Bharadwaj, our lead trainer epitomizes a trainer’s perfection


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