Why Is Veda Solutions Better Than Other Training Institutes

Why Is Veda Solutions Better Than Other Training Institutes

Why choose Veda Solutions

If we cut all the regular crap out, there are precisely five reasons to choose Veda Solutions over other training institutes and they are:


Sheer experience

When we offered our first course on Linux System Programming in 2001, there were no other institutes offering this kind of a course, actually many did not even know the term system software. And from that day on we are offering the same course non-stop to date with more and more updates added frequently. No reason why our courses are taken by over 6000 participants from over 100 companies and 8 nations.



Right from 2001 to this date we are exclusively on Linux System Software and have not deviated into other software technologies. This speaks about our consistency and clarity of service delivery and excellence


Most corporate trainings by any institute

With over 20 corporate clients and over 35 individual corporate training programs delivered to embedded and system software giants like NCR, Sasken, GE, Broadcom, Xilinx, UTC among others we are leaps ahead or invariable untouchable in this class and experience


Raghu Bharadwaj

The man, who started it all, he is perhaps the most natural speaker in the area of Linux system software training. As the CTO of Veda Solutions he pioneered all the training programs and delivered corporate trainings to the highest class of experienced system software developers. His ability and style of speaking is unmatched and only needs to be experienced firsthand (listen to his videos here). Under his guidance Veda Solutions has also nurtured some exceptionally talented trainers, who are capable and worthy of sharing the dais with him.


Most advanced training programs and training modes

Undoubtedly we offer the most advanced and industry leading courses in the area of Embedded Linux and Linux System Programming. We are also the pioneers in offering training in different modes to suit the individual needs of our participants. As on date we offer, Classroom based, Weekend Workshops, Online training, Audio Video training, Fulltime Mentoring, Corporate Trainings (onsite and in-house), Free trainings among others.


So get enrolled and start your journey with us.

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