Who Should Ideally Choose Embedded/System Software As Their Careers?

Who Should Ideally Choose Embedded/System Software As Their Careers?


If you ask to define the prerequisite to do these courses in one word we would prefer the word ‘passion’. This is the be all and end all of it, without passion you are a big no no in this domain, irrespective of your academic credentials and brilliance.


I would like to add another quality, ‘a natural inclination towards programming or engineering in the true sense’. Both these combined makes you the ideal candidate to dive into this exciting world of embedded systems and system software development.


As our entire team is relentlessly and exclusively working on Linux, it automatically brings in an environment where more per day on Linux is collectively explored by our resources, also leading to healthy interactions and information exchange


What if I cannot establish these qualities?

If it is hard to establish what your passion is then please take this small five minute test. Look back at your education and run through the years and try to assimilate all the joyous moments that you had in relation to your education, your subjects. Look closely at areas and topics which interested you and where you did your best; I’m sure you will find your passion hidden there. Simply follow it.


What about others who are just interested

This is in no sense is to discourage others who do not feel so, but are interested to take up embedded software or system programming as their careers. It is just that the percentage of successful programmers with passion is comparatively higher than the people who just boarded the bus.


Our final word is to think and decide, it’s your career at stake


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