Our Training Methodology

Our Training Methodology

Before we look into our training methodology we would like to describe how we actually arrive at or prepare the training content. It is relatively simple, a three step process which is religiously followed.

  • Take a core topic(s)
  • Get totally involved with it, doing research, hunting legacy, conducting trials and tests and analyzing practical implications
  • Compile all the findings and understandings into easily teachable and digestible training modules and deliver it.


Easy said than done, these steps precisely require tons of experience and an innate passion to unconditionally take training as a primary and scared job. Let’s now look into our actual training methodology which makes all these efforts pay off.

There are two things we address when we deliver a training program. Number one is to identify the issues faced by a participant in understanding a concept and number two is to arrive at a pace and style of delivery which makes learning easier and most importantly memorable to the participant. This variability in delivering the lectures can only be achieved if the research conducted in the first stage was just and thoroughly involved by, and the sheer experience and natural capability of the trainer to empathize with the participants, and finally by the able support provided by our technical staff.

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