Our Team

Our Team

  • Team Veda doesn’t comprise of star individuals rather is a perfect combination of passionate individuals headed by Mr. Raghu Bharadwaj. His technical acumen and his objective to deliver the best possible training to interested participants keeps the entire team jet fueled.
  • Mr. Hari Prasad who joined Veda back in 2005, is a lead trainer and worthy to share the dais with Mr Raghu Bharadwaj. He is an expert in Embedded Linux, Adv. C programming, Linux Programming, Kernel and Device Driver development. He has delivered many corporate trainings to clients including Sasken, Cognizant, Broadcom, Powerwave and Xilinx
  • Our management is headed by Mr. Sajith Kumar, who is a close associate of Mr. Raghu Bharadwaj right from 2001, when the first course was devised. He comes from a techno promotional background and is extremely capable of understanding the technicalities of the training programs and the management aspects as well. He also heads the operations and marketing departments
  • One of our major strengths has been our huge and highly experienced alumni, who regularly contribute to our growth by way of technical contributions, suggestions and timely advices. We do not see them as alumnus rather consider them as our team members.
  • Our technical staff is handpicked from our course participants; we look out for passionate students who are willing to make it big in the area of Embedded Software and System Programming. During their association with us they get more refined and do exceptionally well in dealing with the technical issues of the students and other work related challenges.
  • Our administration and logistics staff are specifically trained to ensure that they create the right environment and facilities for the participants to learn and perceive the training course to its best.
  • And finally the most important part of our team is ‘YOU’. You are like the fuel which keeps our machine running, without you entire team Veda is an inoperable machine. It’s for you that we exist and it’s because of you that we exist. So we thank you for being part of our team.

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