Is regular course better than a weekend


Is regular course better than a weekend workshop?

This is a subjective question and purely depends on the learning habits and importantly on the viability of learning for an individual. For instance if you like to take it slow and steady then we suggest you to go for the regular courses where the class duration is just for 1.5 hour a day, but the course durations may be as long as 3 months, so you better be prepared for that.

The benefit that a weekend workshop offers is that you can get quick hands-on training on specialized areas and you only need to focus on weekends, but you have to be ready to stay in for 6 to 8 hours a day, rejuvenated with short breaks in between.

Workshops are surely a faster and easier way especially for busy professionals. So the question ‘which is better’ is purely a subjective thing.

An easy way out is to take this simple test.

If you say yes to any 3 of these, you can go ahead with the weekend workshops

  • You absolutely have no time to complete the training
  • You cannot come to everyday classes due to your work pressure
  • You are an aggressive learner
  • You are mostly free on your weekends
  • You are completely busy on weekdays

Do not join the weekend workshop if you say yes to any 3 of these

  • You are a slow learner
  • You are new to system programming or embedded Linux
  • You can afford to attend daily classes regularly
  • You are only expecting a project or assignment late or there is no hurry to learn things in advance
  • You absolutely cannot find time during weekends

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