Is Online Course As Good As

Classroom Based Training

Is online course as good as classroom based training?

The answer is both yes and no. No, because the classroom training is done in a live environment where the trainer delivers the lecture in your presence. The benefits of live classroom based trainings are generally known to all.

But an online course is better in most counts and in many cases irreplaceable by classroom based training. So to understand this let’s look at the demerits of a classroom based course and the merits of an online course.

Disadvantages of a classroom based course

  • Daily attendance is mandatory as even a single missed class may result in poor and improper understanding of the succeeding classes
  • You have to commit yourself to longer durations to attend regular classroom based trainings (3 months at least to complete our Linux Drivers and Embedded Developer with Android course)
  • You should be ready for slow learning as only 1.5 hours a day is spend on training
  • If you are looking for a fast track course, it is improper to attend a regular classroom based program

Advantage of an online course

  • Listen to the videos anytime from anywhere
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • You can listen to the videos multiple times for better understanding
  • You can complete the course faster if you want
  • Only type of training which suits both slow and aggressive learners
  • Avoid coming to our institute everyday fighting through the rush hour traffic
  • The only option for outstation participants


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