We do not start of by saying that we have world class infrastructure, rather we would like to mention that any infrastructure which do not provide the right learning environment cannot be termed as world class no matter how plush it looks.


However our primary objective in designing and setting up our classrooms and labs has been to ensure that the right kind of energies and ambience are omnipresent, so that the perfect environment for learning is created. Our infrastructure consists of

  • One air conditioned classroom with public addressing system and projector, it can seat a maximum of 65 participants
  • One air conditioned lab with thirty five latest dual core computers and lcd display panels. Maximum space between systems and seats for improved movement
  • One administrative block with counseling space, software development room, MD’s cabin, Visitor’s lobby and Security officer’s bay.
  • One air conditioned thirty seater online classroom designed to conducted mentoring programs, workshops and in-house corporate trainings


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