I See Only Linux Based Courses Offered Here, Why?

I See Only Linux Based Courses Offered Here, Why?


It is exclusivity, passion, equanimity with a particular domain and operations clarity which makes us naturally stick to Linux based system software and embedded courses only. This exclusivity is not a business driven choice rather a natural progression and occurring that we believe can only happen to a group of passionate people striving to offer the highest degree of training excellence in one particular domain.


What this does


Improves domain expertise

As our entire team is relentlessly and exclusively working on Linux, it automatically brings in an environment where more per day on Linux is collectively explored by our resources, also leading to healthy interactions and information exchange


Adds effective course contents

The product of such an environment is undoubtedly the topics and contents which automatically gets added to the course. This is one of the reasons why we are capable of adding and updating our training courses regularly


Brings effective training methodologies to the fore

As we are only delivering one type of training for such a long period now we have found the right way to deliver any related content more effectively and efficiently. This delivery style is clearly gained through years of experience at the highest level of training


In touch with the best and the latest

As we are constantly and only dealing with one particular subject, it gives us the exclusive opportunity to meet the right kind of people in this area. This tremendously adds to our knowledge and contact base and keeps us up to date with the latest


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