How to make best use of a weekend

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How to make best use of a weekend course

There are certain things that can set the right environment for making the best use of a weekend course. So before coming to attend our weekend courses please do go by this checklist and see that you tick maximum of these, an 80% score is desirable

  • Come fully prepared for a stretch of 6 to 7 hours a day, with short breaks in between
  • Join the workshop only if you are thorough with the course prerequisites
  • Join weekend workshops if you are really serious about the subject being taught
  • Do not focus on taking down notes, just be with the trainer throughout, course material will be given to all participants.
  • Be prepared to listen more and interact healthy
  • Be prepared to use the weekdays in between to revise and practice what was taught
  • Be mentally ready for the next weekend; revise last weekend’s lectures before coming.
  • Use casual wear as you have to spend long hours
  • Post training support
  • Sit in a comfortable posture throughout the lectures, ensure that you change postures periodically so that the supply of oxygen to the brain is consistent and you are relaxed and receptive
  • Shift your attitude from for-fun weekend to for-learning weekend

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