For Employers

For Employers


I’m a working professional which course would suit my precise requirements?

         Keeping your specific needs and time constraints in mind, we have designed three delivery modes exclusively eyeing you.


Linux Driver and Embedded Developer

         This is a three month, daily, classroom based training program which is taken up at employee-friendly timings (7:15 to 8:45 am/pm) so that employees can attend the lectures regularly. Labs are specially arranged on weekends for employees; it doesn’t mean that labs are only opened on weekends; anyone enrolling for this course can use the lab daily also (8am to 8:30pm).
This course is also offered as an Audio Video program, where you can listen to the recorded lectures anytime during our office hours (8am to 8:30pm). This way you can complete the course at your own pace.


Embedded Linux Platform Developer

         This is a weekend program only targeted towards professionals and participants with strong prerequisite skills. This is ideal for employees looking for advanced concepts on Embedded Linux and also willing to complete the course faster without disturbing their daily work schedules.


Online courses

         All online courses are ideally suited for employees, as it does not demand the physical presence of the participant in our campus. You can just login and listen to high quality videos anytime anywhere. This is extremely useful for outstation participants.

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