What services do you offer?

         Veda Solutions offers expert level services in the area of Embedded Linux and Linux System Software. Our services are branched out into three areas

  • Technical Consulting
  • Corporate Training and public training programs
  • HR Consulting


What training programs do you offer?

  • Linux Driver and Embedded Developer with Android (professional course)
  • Embedded Linux Platform Developer (professional course on weekends)
  • Embedded Linux, Drivers and Android System Developer (mentoring for fresh engineers)
  • Free Training Courses


Who is the main trainer(s) and what is his/their experience?

         Raghu Bharadwaj and Hari Prasad


Do you have any branches?

         No, we only have one office in Hyderabad. However we offer online training courses for all outstation participants


Do you offer fast track courses?

         We do not have any explicit fast track courses. However you can opt for our online, AV courses which you can complete at your own pace


Do you offer placement support?

         Yes, we offer placement support primarily for the mentoring courses


Do you offer customized training to small groups?

         No we do not offer any customized training to small groups. If the group members are from a single company, they can officially request for a corporate training


Do you offer projects?

         Yes we offer projects for keenly interested course participants only. We do not offer academic final year projects


Do you offer onsite corporate trainings?

         Yes we are the leaders in providing onsite corporate trainings. Please check our exclusive corporate training page here


How should I check the reliability of your institute?

         We suggest you talk to our previous students to know how genuine we are. And our institute is successfully conducting these courses for the last 10 years without any financial and instability breaks


How is the online training conducted?

         We are the first institute in Asia to offer online training on Linux Device Drivers. You can visit our exclusive online training page for more


Is your institute open of weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)?

         Yes, we work 6 days a week (7am to 9pm). On Sundays our labs will be open for students from 10am to 1:30pm


Do you offer consulting or software development service?

         Yes we do offer. Please send an enquiry mail to info@techveda.org for further details

For any further questions or clarifications please contact 040-66100265 or email to info@techveda.org

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