FAQ On Online Payments

FAQ On Online Payments

Is it safe to pay online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and secure to pay through the online mode offered by us. Once you click on the ‘pay now’ link, it will redirect you to our payment gateway’s secure site (https) where the entire payment processing will happen.

However we suggest you to use private browsing facility when making the payments, especially from other locations (cafe)


How do I enable private browsing in my browser?

It depends on the browser that you use. See below mentioned control keys to activate private browsing in some of the popular browsers

  • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • IE: Ctrl+Shift+P


Which payment gateway do you use?

We use EventAvenue, it is part of India’s leading payment gateway, CCAvenue. EventAvenue exclusively provides registration facility for events or training courses


Can I pay through my card/online banking?

We accept all credit/debit cards and payment through internet banking.


Will I get a receipt for the payment made?

Yes, you will instantly receive a confirmation mail, which you can use as a receipt


Why do you charge service tax at 12.36%?

As training services fall under the purview of service tax, all participants enrolling for our courses need to pay a service tax at 12.36% to the government of India


My card gets declined while paying, why?

Normally some participants experience this. The reasons normally will be that your card/banker may decline the transaction on various grounds. However you can try it out again and there are instances where in the second or third attempt the payment gets honored. If your payments are repeatedly getting declined we suggest you to talk to you card/banker.


There was some error in the payment process but the amount got debited from my account/card, how will the amount be refunded?

Do not worry; the amount will be automatically credited back to your account within a week. If you experience any further delays please let us know and also contact your banker


When will I get access to online videos if I register now?

Mostly it will be within a couple of hours from the time of the payment.


For any further questions or clarifications please contact 040-66100265 or email to


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