FAQ On Online Courses

FAQ On Online Courses

How is the online course delivered?

These are pre-recorded videos which are hosted in a secure website, once a participant registers for the online course he will be give access to the website, from where he can play the videos anytime. These are not live trainings


Will the trainer be available live throughout the sessions?

No, as mentioned these are pre-recorded videos and the trainer will not be taking the classes live.


How will my questions be answered?

You will have a priority email support during and after the completion of the course. You can also speak to the trainer directly over phone or through other online mediums like Skype by taking prior appointment


Can I download the videos?

No, they are strictly not downloadable; anyone trying to download, distribute or repost our videos (intellectual property) is punishable under the cyber piracy laws


Can I listen to these videos from anywhere?

Yes, you can access it from anywhere


Can I access the videos more than once?

Yes, you can access it more than once; however multiple accesses may lead to termination of service without notice


What is the minimum Internet speed required to listen to these videos?

Any normal Internet connection will do to play the videos. You can take a demo here to test the quality of buffering


Can I take a demo before I enroll for the online course?

Yes, you can take a demo now


How shall I make the payment to enroll for the online course?

Please read through the FAQ on making online payments


What is the difference between Audio Video and Online courses?

Audio Video course is also recorded videos, but you have to be physically present at Veda Solutions to access the videos. You can get more information about it here. Online videos can be accessed from anywhere through Internet


For any further questions or clarifications please contact 040-66100265 or email to


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