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One Convergence Pvt. Ltd. is a leading technology service provider for the rapidly growing cloud infrastructure. It offers services in Software-Defined-Networks, Virtualization, Security and Convergence. For additional info please visit


Solution offered: Onsite training on Linux Programming and Device Drivers


Interview with Mr. Praveen Sarlagundu (HR, Manager, One Convergence)

What prompted you to go for the training?


We wanted to ensure that our newly recruited engineers become immediately productive when they start working. We wanted to ensure that they get familiar with all technical concepts and also get a practical exposure on Linux system software development

Why did you choose Veda Solutions?


First time we choose you, as one of our employees referred your institute as a good place for Linux kernel and device drivers training.


But for the second time we did not even think twice to go with Veda. The reason being the huge difference we saw in the participants of the first training. They acquired a clear work approach and problem diagnosis skill, which made them better at completing the assigned tasks faster. We also found that they were better than the participants who could not attend the first training.

Did you consider any other institute before choosing us?


We initially looked at some other trainers from Bangalore, but later decided to go with you after a thorough review and also talking to Mr. Raghu Bharadwaj


Did Veda Solutions customize the course and delivery style as per your requirement?


Yes, you customized the course and the delivery style as well for our training, which made it more effective.


What changes did you find in the participants after the training?


Basically it’s their understanding of the Linux OS for system programming requirements and their approach towards work and problem diagnosis skills that stands out


How successful was Veda Solutions is meeting the training objectives?


Extremely successful


Any suggestions for improving the training


Actually the entire training was assisted by a main trainer and a support trainer, but as the participants were more I felt that an additional support trainer would have been extremely helpful to give every participant some individual attention.


Any additional comments


We initially thought that a newly recruited engineer need not undergo any training, as we carefully picked some of the best ones, from some of the best institutions. But after the first training by Veda, the need for training became clearly evident.


Thanks Mr. Praveen for your time


Thanks Sajith

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