Core Competencies

And Capability Statement

Core Competencies And Capability Statement


Core Competencies

Our core competencies arrive from our passion to delve into the depths of Embedded Linux and Linux System Software and related areas. Our core competencies include:

  • Embedded Linux
  • BSP
  • UBoot Customization
  • Linux Device Drivers Kernel Programming and Internals
  • Network Programming in Linux
  • Android System Software
  • C for Kernel Programmers
  • All other system side and embedded related technologies


Capability Statement

Having core competencies is one and making them useful to others is another kind of capability. This is where a mention of our capability statement comes in. To punch it hard, we have a bedrock stability and panache to deliver these competencies into modular training programs targeted towards diverse kind of participants, right from senior engineers to fresh engineers, from corporate giants to start up firms and to global audience straddling nations.


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