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Things you should know about the latest Linux Kernel 4.0

Linux Torvalds mentions that “Feature-wise, 4.0 doesn’t have all that much special. Much have been made of the new kernel patching infrastructure, but realistically we’ve had much bigger changes in other versions. So this is very much a ‘solid code progress’ release.

However let’s see what’s new about the 4.0 Kernel release

  • You can now install new kernel update without rebooting your system. Though a minor update for desktop users, it’s a major relief for server users.
  • DAX – Direct Access, for persistent memory storage
  • Support Parallel NFS server, default to NFS v4.2
  • The new release supports Intel Quark SoC support
  • Patches has been released to improve Linux on Playstation 3
  • File System tweaks, including F2FS, BtrfFS, etc.
  • Notable to minor changes has been also made to Memory management, Virtualization, Security and Networking moduels.

Linus Torvalds says that the Linux 4.1 is likely to be a ‘bigger release’. So we can expect more from the next release.