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Embedded Linux Experts

India’s learning organization for advanced training on Embedded Linux, Device Drivers, Kernel and related areas

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Raghu Bharadwaj

India’s leading trainer and author of best selling book Mastering Linux Kernel Development

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Full list of training programs, schedules and registration options

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Training Programs

Advanced training programs on Embedded Linux, Drivers and Kernel through regular, weekend and online programs

Books & Publications

“Mastering Linux Kernel Development” is a best selling book on Linux Kernel from Packt Publications, UK, written by Raghu Bharadwaj

Corporate Training

India’s leading corporate trainers. Over 40 clients, including Xilinx, NXP, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Fujitsu

Open Source Contributions

Over 23 code contributions so far for Kernel and U-Boot projects. We encourage our students to contribute than look for fake, real-time projects


Select students get an opportunity to work at TUXTRONS Technologies as interns and be part of core software development team

Software Development

Software development on Embedded Linux, Drivers, Android and Kernel by TUXTRONS Technologies

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  • Embedded Linux Device Drivers – 14th May @ Hyderabad
  • Linux Programming Essentials – 14th May @ Hyderabad
  • Embedded Linux Device Drivers – 30th July @ Hyderabad
  • See complete program list

Other Institutes

  • Dedicated to freshers, delivering basic embedded system courses
  • Most trainers have ZERO corporate training experience
  • Working professionals DO NOT attend these institutes, as they do not get industry-relevant courses
  • Training programs are fully information driven and lack industry relevance
  • Basic projects are offered in the name of real-time projects


  • Delivers advanced industry-relevant programs only
  • Attended mostly by working professionals and freshers, who are serious about their careers
  • Delivered by Author and India’s leading corporate trainer, Raghu Bharadwaj
  • Freshers attending the course get the unique benefit of being with working professionals
  • Kernel contributions are encouraged to gain real work experience



  • TECH VEDA offers placement assistance to all its students
  • Recent placements at AMI, Cavium Networks, Xilinx, Eximius among others
  • Delivered by India’s No.1 trainer, Raghu Bharadwaj
  • Leaders in corporate training with over 35 clients
  • Most recommended program by working professionals
  • Exclusively on Linux kernel since 2003
  • Most advanced and comprehensive coverage on Embedded Linux, Kernel, Drivers and related areas

What Our Participants Are Saying

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I don’t understand how to start…Ok let me start with my decision of choosing Tech Veda. Aspiring for career growth I chose Linux and Tech Veda🙂.Started taking the course and I didn’t know when I have fallen in love with Linux.That’s the magic being done by Raghu sir.
There are times where seriousness towards it is reduced and sir very well knows how to bring it back (he seldom gets angry but when he gets it will pin u to the point). Sir gets to know even if you pretend that you are serious (has his own way of debugging to catch the bugs in us 😉 )

Blessed to have him as my teacher🙏🏼🙇🏻‍♀️..I usually feel emotional and involved when he teaches bcoz it’s not just teaching but it’s teaching with an intention that opens our mind and it makes us thinking in a way even we are not aware of…thought process automatically evolves!!!

To the world you may be a teacher but to me you are a star and will always be!!!!!!! I always wonder what can I give in return …putting skill in me…making me more dedicated ,fall in love with concepts and learning again n again..what not!!!
I can only promise that I will try my best and use the knowledge given efficiently. Friends I’m not reviewing Tech Veda…it already has its mark and it’s already known for its excellence,I only took the opportunity to convey this to my teacher.
And for you people if u r really dedicated in learning linux this is the place where you have to kick start…bcoz it shows you the right path.
Bhanu Sree

Software Engineer

Mr Raghu (Linux guru) I am so honored to have you as my mentor, it’s very rare a student can come across such great a mentor, his Passion, knowledge and domain expertise makes him deliver concepts in a simplified way. I strongly recommend all the courses offered by Veda solutions (TECH VEDA) to every Linux developer, as this the one and only best place to get what exactly we need. My success today is because of your support and mentor ship, I appreciate you so much and value everything I have learned from you. I will remain for ever grateful. Once again thank you for everything sir

Shashidhar Potarlanka

Software Engineer

Without having any second thought, I can say techveda provides the best Linux system programming training available in tech industry. Thank you so much Raghu Bharadwaj Sir, for your excellent articulation of complex topics in a simple manner and for covering the deep secrets of Linux internals, which is generally never seen in Linux books

Nikhil AR

Software Engineer

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Corporate Training

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Be ready to build smart embedded devices

Embedded makers are no more limiting their gadgets to fixed features, rather equipping them with flexible behavior, thanks to AI. As engineers this is exceptional new for us, as we will have to be proportionately ready to

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Product updated to new kernel version

We just concluded updating one of our client’s network based product from the older kernel v 3.2 to v 4.9

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